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Singer MakSim for the first time after a coma went on stage



Fans of the artist rejoice - finally MakSim first appeared on stage after a very long rat! True, not yet with his own concert, but in the case of MakSim and this is also a very serious achievement! The singer appeared on the red carpet in the Kremlin, at a concer...

Damien | 31.01.2023 18:52:54

A member of the group Pussy Riot put up for auction an extremely unusual lot



Photo: spletnik.ru 32-year-old Nadezhda Tolokonnikova decided to put up for auction... a bottle of your own blood! However, the lot, called Drink My Blood, includes not only a bottle of Nadezhda's blood, but also a bloody document on her release from prison in 2013, as well as a previously unreleased puss...

Damien | 31.01.2023 04:20:13

Alsou dreams of adding to the family



The baby boom was hitting the world. A lot of pregnant women take to the streets, and the stars now and then report that they are in an interesting position. Just this month, the world learned of two impending births (Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie). And our stars do not lag behind the fa...

Damien | 29.01.2023 18:13:44

Henna Tattoos Can Cause Leukemia



Decorating the body with a tattoo can end in tears if you use not paint as a dye, but a natural ingredient - colored henna. Actually, the evil lies not in henna, but in compounds that are used as a solvent for colored henna. This, in particular, benzene, which provokes leukemia....

Damien | 29.01.2023 02:44:20

Celine Dion spread her wings



Celine Dion took part in the presentation of her bags in Montreal, the money from the sale of which will be transferred to charity. Journalists did not miss the opportunity to ask the singer how she feels after the death of her husband, who died early last year. "I've suffered a...

Damien | 27.01.2023 14:24:12

Winona Ryder took on the old



Despite numerous punishments and psychological training, actress Winona Ryder again returned to the addiction. However, in the light of the numerous news that in Hollywood another star is being birded for drug addiction, the news that Winona was again caught stealing does not seem so terrible. Ryder was caught red-handed on th...

Damien | 27.01.2023 11:47:50

For the sake of this film, Sofia Vergara postponed the wedding



On May 8, 2015, the film "Hot Pursuit" will be released on the big screen. It stars Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. Earlier, MyJane reported that Sofia postponed her wedding with Joe Manganiello, because for her now it is not the crowd of guests that is more important, but a new fi...

Damien | 26.01.2023 15:09:50