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Singer MakSim for the first time after a coma went on stage



Fans of the artist rejoice - finally MakSim first appeared on stage after a very long rat! True, not yet with his own concert, but in the case of MakSim and this is also a very serious achievement! The singer appeared on the red carpet in the Kremlin, at a concert organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of MUZ-TV, where she was solemnly awarded the honorary award "Star of MUZ-TV"! For her first appearance after a serious illness, MakSim chose an elegant lavender-colored outfit that perfectly emphasized her thin waist - many present in the hall noticed that, despite the fact that after the illness the actress lost a lot of weight, she at the same time and noticeably transformed! But Maksim has not yet begun to communicate with journalists, although the press representatives had a lot of questions for her! © znamenitka.ru Главное photo: 4esnok.by.

Damien | 31.01.2023 18:52:54