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Alsou dreams of adding to the family



The baby boom was hitting the world. A lot of pregnant women take to the streets, and the stars now and then report that they are in an interesting position. Just this month, the world learned of two impending births (Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie). And our stars do not lag behind the fashion for pregnancy. As Alsou admitted, she was ready for pregnancy and childbirth, so she did not even have to attend special courses for expectant mothers. Apparently, such confidence increasingly leads Alsou to the idea of a second child. The singer's daughter is not even a year old, but her mother already dreams of giving birth again. However, fans of the singer are not very happy about this news. After all, as Alsou herself has repeatedly admitted, after giving birth, she is less and less interested in music. Instead of long hours in recording studios, Alsou enjoys walking with the baby and singing lullabies to her at night.

Damien | 29.01.2023 18:13:44