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Henna Tattoos Can Cause Leukemia



Decorating the body with a tattoo can end in tears if you use not paint as a dye, but a natural ingredient - colored henna. Actually, the evil lies not in henna, but in compounds that are used as a solvent for colored henna. This, in particular, benzene, which provokes leukemia. In addition to the substance, the mixture sometimes includes other petroleum products that improve the color of the composition. All of them have a negative effect on the body. This is evidenced by the result of a study conducted in the Emirates - a country in which women prefer those made by henna to other tattoos. 63% of them suffer from leukemia. Experts believe that it is the use of henna to decorate the body that is the reason for this.

Damien | 29.01.2023 02:44:20