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Winona Ryder took on the old



Despite numerous punishments and psychological training, actress Winona Ryder again returned to the addiction. However, in the light of the numerous news that in Hollywood another star is being birded for drug addiction, the news that Winona was again caught stealing does not seem so terrible. Ryder was caught red-handed on the way out of the store, where she secretly took dog. Winon was exposed by the alarm mechanism at the exit of the store. As it turned out, Winona could not resist and pass by several bottles of lipstick and a box of powder. Unfortunately, the store staff failed to get a clear answer from the celebrity to the question about the reasons for such an act. "I don't know how it happened," the star could only say. However, at the request of the cashier, she paid for the stolen snake, and this was the end of the conflict.

Damien | 27.01.2023 11:47:50